Amachi Video

America’s most isolated and at-risk children are the estimated 7.3 million children who have one or both parents under some form of state or federal supervision. Without effective intervention, 70 percent of these children will likely follow their parent’s path into jail or prison. The Amachi mentoring program was developed to provide them with a different path - by establishing the consistent presence of loving, caring people of faith.

The Amachi Video below demonstrates the success and impact that mentoring has on both the child and the mentor.

          “I went to a prison and saw a grandfather, a father, and a grandson, all in the same prison at the same time, and they told me that they met for the first time in prison. When I was about to leave, the grandson pulled me aside and told me that he too had a son who he had not seen, and he presumed he would meet him for the first time in prison also….it is possible to have four generations in prison at the same time.” -- Dr. W. Wilson Goode, Sr.