Links and Publications

Amachi in Brief, P/PV (PDF). Author: Chelsea Farley. Published by Public/Private Ventures, February 2004.

Amachi: Mentoring Children of Prisoners in Philadelphia, P/PV (PDF). Published by Public/Private Ventures, June 2003.

Building from the Ground Up: Creating Effective Programs to Mentor Children of Prisoners (PDF). Published by Public/Private Ventures, July 2005.

Family & Corrections Network National Resource Center on Children and Families of the Incarcerated

Mentoring Children of Prisoners Bibliography, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Mentoring Children of Prisoners: Caregiver's Choice, MENTOR/National Mentoring Partnership.

Mentoring Formerly Incarcerated Adults: Insights From the Ready4Work Reentry Initiative(PDF). Authors: ShawnBauldry, Danijela Korom Djakovic, Laurie Kotloff, Wendy S. McClanahan, and Jennifer McMaken. Published by Public/Private Ventures, January 2009.

Supporting Families With Incarcerated Parents: Strengthening Families (PDF). Published by Family Strengthening Policy Center (FSPC), National Human Services Assembly.