Suggested Reading

All Alone in the World: Children of the Incarcerated
Written by Neil Bernstein
Paperback ISBN: 9781595581853
Hardcover ISBN: 9781565849525

Children of Exceptional Parents
Written by Mary Frank
ISBN: 9780917724961

Children of Incarcerated Parents
Edited by Katherine Gabriel & Denise Johnston
ISBN: 9780029110423

Critical View Youth Mentoring
Written By Jean E. Rhodes
ISBN: 9780787962944

Mentoring Across Generations
Written by Andrea S. Taylor & Jeanette Bressler
Paperback ISBN: 978030646133
Hardcover ISBN: 978030646126

Mentoring for Meaningful Results: Asset-Building Tips, Tools, and
Activities for Youth Adults
Written by Probst
ISBN: 9781574828757

Mentoring: A Practitioners Guide to Touching Lives
Written by Sunil Unny Guptan
ISBN: 9780761935285
Mentoring: The Tao of Giving and Receiving Wisdom
Written by Chungliang Al Huang & Jerry Lynch
ISBN: 9780062512505

Stand By Me: The Risks and Rewards of Mentoring Today’s Youth
Written by Jean E. Rhodes
ISBN: 9780674016118

The Elements of Mentoring
Written by W. Brad & Charles R. Ridley
ISBN: 9780230613645
The Kindness of Strangers: Adult Mentors, Urban Youths and the New

Written by Marc Freedman

ISBN: 9781555425579

The Mentor’s Guide: Facilitating Effective Learning Relationships
Written by Lois S. Zachary
ISBN: 9780787947422

Troubled Children and Youth
Written by Larry Brendtro & Mary Shahbazian
ISBN: 9780878224890

When a Parent Goes to Jail: A Comprehensive Guide for Counseling Children of Incarcerated Parents
Written by Rebecca M. Yaffe
ISBN: 9781877810084

Youth Mentoring: Sharing Your Gifts with the Future
Written by Patricia L. Fry
ISBN: 9780764810152